[Coral-List] Toxic coral and a dog

Annie J. Yau annieyau at umail.ucsb.edu
Mon Jan 30 13:28:55 EST 2006

Hi Coral listers,

Can anyone help determine the species of coral and whether it is toxic 
please? There is a link to the photo here: 

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From: Caroline Donaldson [mailto:cwd at apcc.aspca.org]

This is a picture of a coral a dog ate that developed progressive 
neurologic signs about 2 hours after the ingestion.  the dog  was 
ultimately euthanized because the he was not breathing on his own and 
the owners could not afford emergency care.  I found some literature 
about corals that can have neurotoxins specifically lophotoxins, I was 
wondering if it is possible that this could be one of those corals.

This particular coral was found on the beach in Jamaica and apparently 
is a leather consistency.  Any ideas about what it might be would be 
helpful and if it is possible it could be a species that could be toxic 
as well as any information about coral toxins that you may have would 
be useful.  Please feel free to forward the picture on if you know 
someone who might also be of assistance.

> Thanks


Caroline W. Donaldson, DVM
ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
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