[Coral-List] Photos of White Plague (Melissa Keyes)

Laurie RIchardson richardl at fiu.edu
Wed Jul 5 13:13:53 EDT 2006

Ken Nedimeyer made an even earlier "first" observation of WPII, which he
reported to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in June of 1995.
As far as I know this was the first time it popped up, and turned out to
be the start of an epizootic on these reefs that lasted for four months,
killing thousands of small colonies (primarily D. stokesi, but also 15
other scleractinian species).

DeeVon Quirolo wrote:

> HI Ed--Reef Relief's Craig Quirolo first observed white plague type 2
> on dichocoenia stokesi at  Sand Key reef off of Key West in 1997 and
> has been photo documenting them over time.  Go to our free online
> archive at www.reefrelief.org.  to see the images.  Best, DeeVon
> Quirolo, Executive Director, REEF RELIEF
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