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Hi Listers,
In follow up to my last question (below) on connectivity, does anyone
know of any papers which may give larval duration times for other (East
African) coral genera, beyond the acroporid and pocilloporid in the
Shanks et al (2003) paper. On reflection, it strikes me that the 4-72hr
range in that paper implies a range distances that varies by more than
an order of magnitude (ie from 40km to over 700). Is that a reasonable
result? If so, it sure makes connectivity-related decision making a
little troublesome! I wondered whether this kind of wide range was
representative, or whether there was perhaps a narrower range that might
be used which covers the majority (if not all) of East African coral
All insights welcomed!
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> Dear listers.

> As part of an assessment of the MPA systems of Kenya Tanzania (as an

> thesis), I was hoping to, however simplistically, to come up with an

> maximum 'separation distance' for MPAs in the region. Darwall and

> (in 'Coral Reefs of the Indian Ocean) provide a figure for the speed

> the East African Coastal Current of up to 3m/s during the South East

> Monsoon. If I assume larval duration for coral to be 4-72 hrs (given

> Acroporids and Pocilloporids in Shanks et al 2003 - in Ecological

> Applications), is it then at all resonable to estimate a maximum

> separation (for coral larval connectivity for the shortest duration at

> fastest annual speed) to be 3m/s*60secs*60mins*4hrs - e.g approx 40km?

> know this is only ever going to be an approximation, but for my

> (unless it is completely unreasonable) that may do fine.


> Any comments welcome as I am more of a policy man than a scientist.

> other interesting thoughts or views on East African MPAs welcome


> Many thanks,


> Richard Griffiths

> MSc candidate - Global Environmental Change and Policy, Imperial

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