[Coral-List] New report: Ocean acidification and marine calcification

Joan Kleypas kleypas at ucar.edu
Sat Jul 8 12:16:42 EDT 2006


A new report on ocean acidification and marine calcification (with 
emphasis on coral reefs) is now available in pdf format at 

The report distills input of some 50 scientists and is probably the most 
comprehensive report yet on this topic, spelling out the latest in terms 
of what we know but also what the most pressing questions are.  It is 
heavily referenced and we will soon be providing the reference list for 
downloading into reference software.  The report also serves as a "Guide 
to Future Research," and lists multiple criteria that should be 
considered when designing research projects.

We hope you find this useful as both a reference and a guide.

[I recommend downloading the condensed version, as it is MUCH smaller 
and the reduction in figure quality is hardly noticeable.]

All the best,
J Kleypas

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