[Coral-List] Coral bleaching susceptible vs. resistant species

lulu <>< lulufish at email.com
Sun Jul 9 23:59:07 EDT 2006

Dear Coral Listers

I am aware that the general pattern of bleaching susceptibility is that massives are more resilient than branching corals (Loya et al. 2001).  However, I am interested in coral species of the same morphology which exhibit a range of bleaching susceptibilities.  Do you have any suggestions?  Any journal papers about this?
Branching coral
Bleaching susceptible - Acropora?
Bleaching "average" - P.damicornis?
Bleaching resistant - ?
Massive coral
Bleaching susceptible - ?
Bleaching "average" - ?
Bleaching resistant - Gonisatrea?
Many thanks for your assistance, Lucy

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