[Coral-List] Ocean acidification/temperature relationship on marine calcification

Dr. Stephen Jameson sjameson at coralseas.com
Mon Jul 10 05:38:18 EDT 2006

Dear Joan,

Can you clarify for the Coral-List how increasing sea surface temperature
affects the calcification challenge in corals with increasing acidification?

Ben McNeil's research on Porites in Australia shows that calcification
increases with increasing acidification and increasing sea surface
temperature.  The research by Marshall and Clode shows a bell-shape
calcification trajectory (i.e., increasing calcification up to 2-3degC
warming and then declining  after that).

Was the relationship of increasing sea surface temperatures and increasing
acidification on calcification discussed at the workshop?

It seems like all the recent calcification challenge press releases coming
out regarding increasing acidification are not put into context with respect
to increasing sea surface temperature.

Your thoughts/guidance would be appreciated, so we can all respond to these
calcification challenge questions accurately.


Best regards,

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> Colleagues:
> A new report on ocean acidification and marine calcification (with
> emphasis on coral reefs) is now available in pdf format at
> http://www.isse.ucar.edu/florida/
> The report distills input of some 50 scientists and is probably the most
> comprehensive report yet on this topic, spelling out the latest in terms
> of what we know but also what the most pressing questions are.  It is
> heavily referenced and we will soon be providing the reference list for
> downloading into reference software.  The report also serves as a "Guide
> to Future Research," and lists multiple criteria that should be
> considered when designing research projects.
> We hope you find this useful as both a reference and a guide.
> [I recommend downloading the condensed version, as it is MUCH smaller
> and the reduction in figure quality is hardly noticeable.]
> All the best,
> J Kleypas

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