[Coral-List] temperature tolerance in hard corals

Iain Macdonald dr_iamacdonald at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 07:55:41 EDT 2006

Dear David et al.,
  We actually have just recently finished a two day conference covering cooling seawater delta Ts and residual chlorine of industrial cooling water specficially for the gulf region. In Qatar we have faced this problem from when a previous consultant has suggested a "limit" that technically is very difficult to meet and the validity of such a blanket "limit" is questionable. I would advise also discussing the issue with however is being regulated by your recommendations. If you want we can discuss at lenght off line.
  FYI the world bank standard (Pollution abatement etc 1998 book) is 3C but this is based on UK and colder water regulation (therefore in my view not very useful for the Gulf). There is also the GESAMP (UN, FAO etc. body) that have more relevant literature and perhaps more scientificially defined limits - the actually limits vary on location and i would further recommend that any limit should be site specific! 3D hydrodynmaic modelling can be useful but basic science is needed first! 
  Plus you should also be giving thought to the fisheries, pearl oyster beds, turtle nesting beaches, sea grass beds, other industrial users, that are also important enviornmental receptors that discharges related to delta T need to consider.

  Regarding localised research there is quite a bit of work for the gulf. Names like Sheppard, Reigl, Coles (andrew and stephen), Fadallah, Wilson will probably get you lots of google hits of recent work. I always like to mention the classics of Kinsman and Shinn in these fields.
  As far as i know nobody has done Mayor like experiments in the gulf region.
  Perphaps a bigger area of concern for you should be introduced species in the port.
  I need to logoff as I'm off for some hot baby lobsters with gloves (whatwever that is). Apologise for any spelling mistakes
  Best regards,
  Iain Macd. 
"Medio, David" <MedioD at halcrow.com> wrote:
  has anyone done reserach in the persian Gulf on temperature tolerance
for hard corals. I am looking at advising UAE authorities on Delta ts
associated with potential discharges from port related infrastructure.

As many of you know thare have been 1C anomalies there in 1996 and 1998
with catastrophic consequences.

Any references greatly appreciated.

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