[Coral-List] MRI forams/coral

Lad Akins lad at reef.org
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HI All,

This may have been what you were looking for Murray...   Here is a link to
DigiMorph at Univ of Texas.


I believe Doug Weaver and Forest Young scanned one of their mystery wrasses
from the Florida Keys or Flower Garden Banks  here.  Check the images out

Very nice!

Hope this helps,


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I recall  seeing online a crowd in perhaps Texas that works with high
resolution  MRI's in geological and biological science. I can't for the
life of me  remember where I found this. If anyone can jog my memory or
know of any  other work in this field that'd be great. I am working with
spatial and  temporal patterns of taphonomic alteration of material on a
fringing  reef.

Bill Conchlin does X-rays of shelled creatures, somewhere on the SC coast
the US as art items, (not MRI my any means, but it may be a lead).  Not
if he still does this, and I do not have any contact info, maybe some of
benthic correspondants in that area can help out...


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