[Coral-List] FW: New Research and Developments in Conservation of Coral Reefs

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Mon Jul 24 11:39:53 EDT 2006

Please note the following meeting - 
 Second Annual Coral Reef Conservation and Management Conference
 Will take place November 8-9, 2006 at the University of Miami, James L.

 International Center in Miami, FL.


This conference will provide Scientists, Resource Managers and Policy
Makers with information to help
guide and shape coral reef conservation and management efforts on reefs
under their stewardship. 

Topics To Be Discussed Include:


*       Coral Reef Conservation-What are the Needs?

*       Shifting Baselines and Science Based Management

*       Precaution and the Management of Coral Reefs

*       The Future of Coral Reef Ecosystems

*       Understanding Regional Causes of Coral Mortality

*       New Developments and Research on the Resilience of Coral Reefs

*       A Coral Reef Before and After Protection: A Case Study at the
Flower Garden Banks, 

     Northwest Gulf of Mexico

*       Coral Reef Restoration: What to Restore and Why?

*       Trophic Cascades and Marine Protected Areas

*       Lessons Learned From the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Authority, Australia

*       Goals of Coral Reef Conservation: Examples from Belize

*       An Overview of the Threats to Reef Ecosystems


View the complete conference agenda.


Who Should Attend?


*       Academics and Inter-disciplinarians

*       Government Agencies

*       Lawyers

*       Environmental Consultants

*       NGO Representatives


Don't miss the chance to network with fellow reef scientists, academic
researchers, local, state and federal
government agents and discuss the latest issues affecting coral reefs.


 For more information and registration information -  Visit




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