[Coral-List] Bahama MPA? (Andrew Lewin)

claire hudson clairelhudson at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 31 10:56:33 EDT 2006

Hi Andrew,
  There are over 25 national parks in the Bahamas and more than 700,000 acres of land are protected.  However, the protection of the marine environment is under represented.  The largest national park is the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park which encompasses 176 square miles of land and sea. The waters of the Exuma Cays has been a no take zone sine 1986.
  A good place to start looking for more information is the Bahamas National Trust: http://www.thebahamasnationaltrust.org/
  The Living Jewels Foundation is trying to raise awareness of the benefits a MPA in the Bahamas would bring.  The foundation is in negotiations with the government to establish a marine park on the island of San Salvador.  Their website is: http://www.savesansalvador.com/
  Hope this helps.
  Claire Hudson

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