[Coral-List] Corals don't Clog, Discovery Inc. will clog?

Juan F Urich j_urich at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 19 21:45:38 EST 2006

Dear Listers:
  I am not aware on the previous discussion (before march 19th), on the subject topic, nevertheless James comment to Pete is quite illustrative of the whole issue. I believe that the discussion about cloging could reveal some escapism from reality, therefore I dont delve in it any further. In pretty much a Forest Gump mood that I dont neccesarily expect my readers to share or agree upon I will only address James comment to Pete.
  When these issues show up I believe the opportunity arises for Coral Reef Scientists and concerned citizen to realize that a) For developers arguments such as conserving a reef as a needed study site, matters to them pretty much the same as if we plant or not trees on Earth day, and b) The need to enforce with Robust Transdisciplinary Science (Ecological & Economic) on the making, such concepts as the Precautelative Principle, Resilience, and Ecologically sound and proccess based Measurement of Ecosystem Services that can be manageable and useful to Academic Economists and Policy Makers. The conflict at hand is actually between short term economic "efficient" expectations of returns (even if the payback period of the project is 25 years which would allow for all the needed "Science" and "sustainability" feel), and the loss of Ecosytem Services usually improperly valued with current economic tools and ecological concepts. 
  An illustrative review paper on this rising awareness is "Regime Shift, Resilience,and Biodiversity in Ecosystem Management" By Carl Folke, Steve Carpenter, Brian Walker, Thomas Elmqvist, Lance Gunderson, and C.S. Holling in Ann. Rev. Ecol. Evol. Syst 35: 557-581 2004.
  Regards to all listers
  Juan Urich

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