[Coral-List] Planting of propagated coral fragments

andrew ross andyroo_of72 at yahoo.com
Tue May 2 11:23:27 EDT 2006

  I'm hoping to begin replanting of propagated A. cervicornis material in June/July in Montego Bay: racing the storm season.
  Any suggestions on methods?
  I am planning to break up the propagated material into 5-10cm segments and wire them to masonry nails hammered into urchin grazed, clean reef. 
  Wire will be a vinyl coated copper (i'm having good success, it's cheap, colour coded and easy to work with) but i'm interested in suggestions on types of nail: galvanized is probably bad (?) I'm expecting partial attachment to the reef within 2-3 weeks and overgrowth of the nail within 5-7 weeks. Will nail rusting inhibit overgrowth?
  Are there other suggestions in reef attachment?
  I've looked at simple spreading, string anchoring, epoxy, concrete, drilling-and-sticking and some more. Nails seem most secure in the short-term.
  Andrew Ross

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