[Coral-List] Conference: Industrial Cooling Seawater - thermal plumes and residual "chlorine"

Iain Macdonald dr_iamacdonald at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 8 01:38:40 EDT 2006

Dear All,
  If you would be interested in a 2-day technical conference regarding Industrial Cooling Seawater - thermal plumes and residual "chlorine" that will reference warm water coral inhabited marine ecosystems, specifically the Arabian/Persian Gulf (ROPME Sea Area - RSA) then please let me know and i will forward you more details.
  I am particularly interested to hear from regulatory advisers/marine ecosystem or cooling seawater researchers/MPA managers/environmental engineers within the RSA.
  There is unfortunately no funding available to attend this conference.
  Please forward to those you might consider to be interested.
  Location of conference: Doha, Qatar
  Date: June 20-21st 2006
  Thanks and best regards,
  Iain Macd.
  Conference Organiser.

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