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I believe that Austin was also among the first, if not the first, to utilize Alizarin red staining as a marker technique for measuring coral growth rates while he was a graduate student at University of Hawaii in the 1970s. It has since become something of a standard technique. I wasn't aware of his triage doctor experience, but it doesn't surprize me.  He was kind and gentle man.

Steve Coles

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Dear Coral-list,

Austin Lamberts was also one of the pioneers in the field of coral genetics.

To my knowledge, he was the first person to experiment with electrophoresis
as a tool to distinguish coral species.

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> Dear Listers,
> I have learned that "Dr. Austin Lamberts passed away peacefully at
> his Grand Rapids (Michigan) home on April 18, 2006."
> Austin was an American neurosurgeon who, after losing fine-motor
> control of his right hand in an accident, returned to graduate school
> at the University of Hawaii and eventually became a scleractinian
> taxonomist--in which capacity some members of the coral-list will
> remember him and his scientific papers. Austin was a snorkeler, and
> happily his carefully annotated collection of shallow-water stony
> corals now resides at the University of California, Berkeley.
> Probably less well known is that after his "second retirement" Austin
> frequently volunteered as a  "triage doctor" in some of our world
> most hellish war zones and refugee camps, giving basic medical care
> to people struggling to survive under conditions that most of us can
> scarcely imagine. When he was at home during these years, one of
> Austin's joys was publishing in medical magazines light-hearted and
> easily-read, yet educational short stories about interesting patients
> he'd encountered as a young surgeon.
> I feel honoured to have known such an extraordinary person.
> Judy Lang
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