[Coral-List] weird bleaching in Baja

Mark Warner mwarner at cms.udel.edu
Wed May 17 08:38:13 EDT 2006

Mark et al., 
    An upcoming paper in J. of Phycology (available by June I believe),
Robison, J.D. and M.E. Warner. Differential impacts of photoacclimation and
thermal stress on the photobiology of four different phylotypes of
Symbiodinium (Pyrrhophyta), speaks to this very issue. Based on my own
experience, I would say that your scenario #2 is the more logical path in
many cases of natural thermal bleaching, but this event noted by Hector is
clearly not due to elevated temp. so we shall see....


From: Mark Eakin <Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov>
Subject: Re: [Coral-List] weird bleaching in baja

We are seeing many cases of localized bleaching that seem to be
primarily related to increased light.  The combined effect of
temperature and light is an area that we are looking into as an
improvement to our Coral Reef Watch products.  We are awaiting
studies that answer whether the effects of light and temperature are
additive or synergistic.  Either way, it seems that either:
1) high temperatures increase susceptibility to bleaching due to high
light conditions, or
2) high light conditions increase susceptibility to bleaching due to
high temperatures.

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