[Coral-List] Coral-List Purpose

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Mon May 22 10:22:38 EDT 2006

The purpose of the Coral-List listserver is to provide a forum for
Internet discussions and announcements among coral health researchers
pertaining to coral reef health and monitoring throughout the world. The
list is primarily for use by coral health researchers and scientists.
Currently, about 3,500 researchers are subscribed to the list.
Appropriate subjects for discussion might include:

# bleaching events
# outbreaks of coral diseases
# high predation on coral reefs
# environmental monitoring sites
# incidences of coral spawning
# shipwrecks on reefs
# international meetings and symposia
# funding opportunities
# marine sanctuary news
# new coral-related publications
# announcements of college courses in coral reef ecology
# coral research initiatives
# new and historical data availability
# controversial topics in coral reef ecology
# recent reports on coral research

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