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Precht, Bill Bprecht at pbsj.com
Mon May 22 14:35:24 EDT 2006

Dear Coral-List:

I am happy to announce that the following book will be available
starting this Friday.

"Coral Reef Restoration Handbook" Edited by William F. Precht

ISBN: 0849320739
Publication Date: 5/26/2006
Number of Pages: 384

Publisher-   CRC Press Boca Raton, FL 
About the Book

"... this book is the first to describe, in detail, the art and science
of coral reef restoration. It is to be hoped that the information that
can be gleaned within the pages of this book will set a path towards
continued preservation of this valuable underwater treasure to be used,
appreciated, and experienced for future generations."
-- Senator Bob Graham (retired), Miami Lakes, Florida, from the Foreword

The Coral Reef Restoration Handbook is the first published volume
devoted to the science of coral reef restoration. It offers a
scientific, conceptual framework along with practical strategies for
reef assessment and restoration. Contributors from a variety of
disciplines discuss engineering, geological, biological, legal, and
socioeconomic factors to create a text that is designed to guide
scientists and resource managers in the decision-making process from
initial assessment of the injury through conceptual restoration design,
implementation, and monitoring. An excellent selection of relevant case
studies is utilized to illustrate concepts and challenges inherent in
the process of restoration. 

This 20-chapter volume gives reef scientists, managers, consultants, and
policy makers the opportunity to glean significant information from
previous efforts. It provides them with the opportunity to build on the
lessons learned and develop successful restoration efforts into the

Topics include:
Assesses aesthetic components of ecological restoration
Analyzes the role of technology transfer on the rehabilitation process
Examines applied experimental ecology
Provides fresh insight from practical restoration case studies
Explores methods to help determine how much compensatory restoration is
Considers the benefits of a cooperative Natural Resources Damage
Discusses ethical dilemmas in coral reef restoration  

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