[Coral-List] Your Message Dumped?

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Tue May 23 14:34:46 EDT 2006

Hey, Team...

    If you try posting a message from an address other than the one
you're subscribed from, the message will just go straight to the
CyberDump.  Sometimes the message you send from might actually only be
slightly different, and it still may not go through  (e.g.,
Mutton.Head at bluehole.org vs. Mutton.Head at mail.bluehole.org), even though
the software is supposed to look out for this.  So, if you're having
your mail forwarded from your old Army Corps address to your new NSF
address,  you should take a moment to change your address record in
coral-list.  Visit...


to do so.


Many a forest
Used to stand
Where a
Lighted match
Got out of hand.

[old highway sign of the 50s]

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