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Saludos DeeVon et al:
  It is my understanding that precaution is associated with actions taken prior to scientific consensus, when it is understood that serius outcomes may result if action is not implemented.  As DeeVon illustrates there is sufficient scientific consensus to warrent the actions she recommends and I think this may not even warrent a reliance on precaution (as principle). However, history is sure to judge that a failure was made when failing to take those actions described based on precaution decades earlier.    
  If the 97% decline of what is a critical reef building coral now facing the  increasing and grave threats outlined by DeeVon does not warrent the listing of "endangered," what does?  Very diverse reefs in Puerto Rico have over the last year suffered serious and rapid  mortality while we still lack the political will (local and federal) to implement or enforce even outdated Clean Water Act.  The National Academy Press predicted the proliferation of diseases associated with industrial and sewage effluent into ever warming seas..and predicted this would result in rising infections of marine organisms and people. They also produced over  200+ publications since the mid 70's on the issue of global warming and actions that should be taken to address this.   
  I sincerely appreciate DeeVon's perspective on this for the potential of humanity that her comments both reflect and inspire.....thank you DeeVon.    

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