[Coral-List] Color vision in fishes

Kristen Hoss kristenhoss at yahoo.com
Sat May 27 10:04:11 EDT 2006

Hello all,
  I have had conflicting reports about color vision in fishes. From the resources I have read it seems to me that coral reef fishes have color vision which is designed to enhance detection of conspecifics and certain morphological patterns contrasting with the reef; whereas nocturnal fishes see in black and white.  
  First I would like to know if this general statement is accurate.  Second I would like to know more about color vision in deep water fishes, pelagic fishes and if possible freshwater fishes.  Any references would be appreciated as would general statements about if they see in color or black and white and why.
  I am a wildlife biologist, marine ecologist and an educator.  The purpose of this question is to clear up misconceptions between my colleagues and myself about what we have learned over the years, thus to provide a better education for the students and ourselves.
  Thank you for your time-
  Kristen Hoss
  Co-Assistant Director
  Science Eye

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