[Coral-List] Zooxanthellae Density

Sara Edge gte405r at mail.gatech.edu
Sat May 27 19:26:02 EDT 2006

I posted  a message last week asking for references or protocols on how to
accuratley measure zooxanthellae density (see message below). I have received
more emails from people asking me to pass on any information that I receive than
I have references or protocols. However, I did receive some interesting
information and I am in the process of putting it all together. I will post it
on the list as soon as I do. Thank you all for your help and interest.

Original Post:
On May 23, 2006, at 6:08 PM, Sara Edge wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good reference, or provide me with a
> protocol, for
> measuring zooxanthellae density? I’m particularly concerned about
> sample
> preservation since I can’t process them right away. (I’ll be in the
> field). I
> also want to make sure that I can correlate the zooxanthellae
> numbers with
> either tissue mass or surface area. I’m also not sure exactly what
> species
> I’ll be using, but it will most likely be an Acroporidae or Faviidae.

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