[Coral-List] Email issues

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Tue May 30 15:17:07 EDT 2006

Dear Coral-Listers...Sorry if you posted any messages and they're not 
getting through.  Here's a message (below) from our System Administrator 
that explains the problem.  Please note this is also why we don't allow 
you to attach pictures and documents to your messages to coral-list.  

    cheers, Jim


Email messages were sent out over the weekend that caused AOML's
firewall to fill up over 20GB of system and spool areas.  The situation
caused the firewall virus scanner to never complete it's file scans,
leaving these messages stuck in a loop that left over 165,000 queued
messages on the firewall.  The bulk of the messages were sent and queued
on May 27th and May 28.  There is no efficient way to sort through the
more than 100,000 messages queued on those two days, so all mail queued
on the firewall from them are being deleted.   Please remember not to
use email to send out large documents.  Attachments over 15MB will not
make it through most email servers, and very large attachments (50MB or
more) cause problems with AOML's firewall mail processes.  If you have
large documents that need to get to remote users, they should be placed
on AOML's ftp server.

Users who send and receive mail on the NOAA mail system are probably not
going to have any mail in the firewall queues, those messages are mostly
from the legacy AOML mail server.  Users on the NOAA mail system may
have had their sent mail queued on AOML's NEMS server, and those
messages are getting processed now...it could take a few hours for all
of them to get sent.  Mail sent from remote email addresses to user NOAA
email addresses could have been queued at the remote mail sites, and
those should start flowing in.

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