[Coral-List] Global Heat on Coral-List

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Tue Oct 17 07:03:46 EDT 2006

Esteemed Subscribers...

    I just released from the coral-list queue James Cervino's response
to Alina Szmant via Mike Risk's comment.  Please note that although
Alina didn't actually call anybody a name, the words were obviously
charged enough to elicit the barely contained seething responses.  As
I've mentioned before, the listserver software does not allow me to see
all of a message unless it looks suspect to me and I forward it to
myself so I can read it in its entirety before letting it go.  Sometimes
the top of the message seems harmless enough, though, so I let it go,
which is what happened in this case.  I must confess that I do not read
every single coral-list message in its entirety; and I must also confess
that I do not read to completely to understand the content of each
message (wish I could; but alas, the time...).  Sometimes I feel like Ye
Olde Boston Book Reviewer, scanning to find the porn or the dirty words.

    At any rate, I would ask that if anybody is impugning anybody's
professional integrity, could you please take it off-line?  This subject
of nutrients and coral health has been one of interest to me ever since
I saw Jim Porter's presentation at the NCRI conference years ago when he
found--in that particular case--that nutrient enrichment in the area of
the Florida Keys he studied appeared to actually be conducive to coral
growth [I hope I've remembered this correctly, Jim!]. 

    So, have at it, Team, but please BE NICE!


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