[Coral-List] funding availability: second reminder

Andy Bruckner Andy.Bruckner at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 19 16:40:31 EDT 2006


The deadline for the FY07 General Coral Reef Conservation Grants Program
is rapidly approaching. This program provides funding to institutions of
higher education, non-profit organizations, commercial organizations,
Freely Associated
State government agencies, and local and Indian tribal governments to
support coral reef conservation projects in the United States and the
Freely Associated States in the Pacific.

Applicants can submit a grant application for work covering a period of
12-18 months at federal funding amounts ranging from $15,000 to a
maximum of $50,000;
applications must include a 1:1 match obtained from non federal sources.
The application must be submitted via www.grants.gov. Deadline for
submission of a full application through grants.gov is 11:59 PM EST on
November 10, 2006. Applications can also be sent by mail, but they must
be postmarked by November 10, 2006, and they must include original
signed copies of the federal forms. Send to: Andrew Bruckner, NOAA Coral
Reef Conservation Program, NOAA Fisheries, Office of Habitat
Conservation (F/HC), 1315 East West Highway, Silver Spring,
MD 20910. ATTN: CRCGP Project Applications.

Projects funded through the GCRCGP must address one of the following 7
categories: (a) Monitoring and assessment of coral reefs or reef
resources; (b) Socio-economic assessments and resource valuation; (c)
Marine protected areas and associated management activities; (d) Coral
reef fisheries management and enforcement; (e) Coral reef restoration;
(f) Public education and outreach activities; and (g) Local action
strategy projects. Projects should complement and fill gaps in
state, territorial and commonwealth coral reef programs, emphasize
community-based conservation, or address local action strategy
priorities.   Research activities are eligible only if they directly
relate to management or are listed as a project within a local action

The full announcement including format and directions for the
application and all required federal forms can be found on grants.gov.
Select “find funding opportunities” and enter either a key word (e.g.,
coral ), the CDFA number (11.463- Habitat Conservation)or funding number
(NMFS-HCPO-2007-2000782  ) If you are unable to access the full funding
announcement, you can request a copy from Liz.Fairey at noaa.gov.

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