[Coral-List] Potential Bleaching Alert: El Nino heating up central Pacific

Mark Eakin Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov
Thu Jan 11 11:20:00 EST 2007

Here at Coral Reef Watch we have been watching an area of warming  
develop in the mid-tropical Pacific.

Howland and Baker Islands
Thermal stress in the area of Howland and Baker Islands has reached  
Degree Heating Week (DHW) values of 15-18.  However, HotSpots have  
currently dropped to less than 1, so no further DHW accumulation is  
taking place at this time.

Kiribati - Gilbert Islands
Thermal stress in this region is still warming with temperatures  
above the bleaching threshold.  DHW values of 5-10 are being felt in  
this area and are rising.

Solomon Islands
Calm winds for more than a week in the region east of Honiara and  
north of Ndeno are contributing to a large HotSpot region.  DHW  
values are still below alert levels (>4), but a Bleaching Warning is  
now in effect for the reefs around the Santa Cruz Islands.

We encourage anyone working in this region to report either bleaching  
or non-bleaching in this area at:

Our 24 index sites around the globe can be found at:

Current HotSpot and Degree Heating Week charts, HDF data, and  
GoogleEarth products can be found at:
with the image of the central Pacific located at: http:// 

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