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julie mazerat julie.mazerat at hotmail.fr
Tue Jan 23 13:25:00 EST 2007

Dear Coral-listers,

     My name is Julie MAZERAT and I am presently studying at the University 
of Bordeaux 1 (France) in a Master II ENVOLH (Oceanic, Costal and Deep sea 
Environments). I am willing to continue my studies with a PhD. I contact you 
regarding possible opportunities for graduate work in your laboratory from 
September 2007. I am interested in coral-based paleoceanographic studies, 
and I would like to apply my knowledge to a PhD program.
     I am really interested in Sciences dealing with climate changes and 
their consequences on the environment. Therefore, I am willing to carry on 
my work on the past climatic variability in Tropical zone, and particularly 
in the Pacific and Indian area since I have developed a strong interest in 
the ENSO phenomenon.

     My first encounter with coral science happened from April to May 2006. 
Then,  I worked for my Master I training course, with Prof. Thierry Correge 
and Dr. Philippe Martinez at the University of Bordeaux 1 (EPOC) on a 
research project aiming at better understanding the stable isotopic 
composition (dN15 and dC13) of the organic matrix present in the coral 
skeleton. During this six-week project, I worked on various extraction 
techniques and became familiar with the use of a mass spectrometer.
     During the summer 2006, I visited the IRD center in Noumea (New 
Caledonia), largely on my own funds, to work under the supervision of Dr. 
Guy Cabioch, in the "PALEOTROPIQUE" research unit. During this stay, I 
carried out microsampling tasks on coral slabs and traces elements analyses 
(Sr/Ca) on Vanuatu and Clipperton coral samples.
     From January to June 2007, my Master's research will focus on the 
climatic variability of the south west Pacific (Vanuatu and Marquesas 
islands) since the Last Glacial Maximun through the analysis of traces 
elements in fossil corals. This work is supervised by Prof. Thierry Correge 
(EPOC) and Drs. Florence Le Cornec and Guy Cabioch (IRD).

     These experiences enabled me to approach several sets of themes related 
to past climate variability, through various approaches and methodologies 
(Mass specrometry (dN15 and dC13), coral microsampling , ICP-AES, ICP-MS), 
and that greatly contributed to my autonomy on research projects and to my 
desire to continue in that direction. Moreover, my participation to the 
University of the sea in June 2006, during the MARCO POLO II mission aboard 
the RV Marion Dufresne was a great experience that increased my capacity to 
adapt to various task and to work within a group.

     I am really looking forward to receiving any proposal related to my 
field of interest, and I thank you in advance for your attention.

		Best wishes

								     Julie MAZERAT.

Do not hesitate to contact Prof. Thierry Correge  
(t.correge at epoc.u-bordeaux1.fr)

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