[Coral-List] submersible DO loggers

Jeremy J. Sofonia jeremy at sofonia.com
Mon Jan 29 09:13:20 EST 2007

For water quality monitoring equipment we currently use Troll.  Check  


It's not exactly cheap, but it's top o-the-line.

You could also think about hiring the gear.  Consider:

We use both frequently, and the gear puts up with all kinds of  
abuse.  Perhaps if you explain your situation as a researcher they  
would be willing to cut you a deal.  From my experience, it's worth  

Not always right, but always happy to help.



On 29/01/2007, at 8:46 AM, Tamsen Tremain Byfield wrote:

> Hello,
> Can any subscribers recommend a relatively inexpensive submersible
> dissolved oxygen logger/meter rated to 50-60 meters with a
> user-defined sampling period to allow vertical profiling?
> Thank you,
> Tamsen Byfield
> PhD candidate
> Centre for Marine Environmental and Economic Research
> Victoria University
> P.O. Box 600
> Kelburn Parade
> Wellington, New Zealand 6142
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