[Coral-List] White Band Disease, St. John

Anthony Spitzack t_spitzack at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 21 14:40:59 EDT 2007

   Dear List

   On  June  19th,  2007  at  Yawzi Point on the south shore of St. John,
   USVI,  we documented 4 of 46 (8.7%) randomly-selected Acropora palmata
   colonies  with  signs  of  white  band  disease.   Previous  genotypic
   sampling  revealed  that  the four colonies were unique genets.  These
   colonies  had a distinct white band (about 2.5 cm wide) across several
   branches  ONLY on the underside of the colony.  White band disease has
   only  been  observed on a few colonies in extensive surveys around St.
   John over the last 4 years.

   Tony Spitzack

   U.S. Geological Survey

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