[Coral-List] Identity of blue octocoral off NC??

The Frog Princess shekissesfrogs at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 17:41:18 EST 2007

Hi, I ran across this thread looking for a different species of blue xenia. I am an aquarium hobbyist, not professional but this coral looks like 2 specimens I've seen on the internet. maybe this will help you get closer. 

This is the one I think you have, and it's identified here as Carijola multiflora: 

This may be the same coral, as the photographer refers to it commonly as sessile venia and Anthelia glauca scientifically:  (This is where the experts can chime in.)

Incidentally there is an invasive species of Carijola in Hawaii that is smothering the black coral. It's identified as C. riseri. It looks the same to me too. 

Here is link to an image where its obvious the polps aren't part of the host. 
The most complete site for pictures and information I found for the   
Order ALCYONCEA. Look under the Genus Xeniidae and Clauvularidae. 
It's a bit confusing, but if you click on the top menu Item "Multimedia" , when in the Genus, and in the species you can see more pictures. 

I read somewhere that Carijola is associated often with orange sponge...
and then I found this nudibranch identified as Carijoa Tritonia. I wonder if it eats it? 



That's all I know, unless you'd like to ship me a live specimen :)


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