[Coral-List] Step by Step Coral Rehabilitation Guide-Reason for Delayed Release until Spring 2007

Todd Barber reefball at reefball.com
Wed Mar 7 09:57:55 EST 2007

Hi Jeff (And Coral-List),

Although the Reef Ball Foundation had originally intended to release our Step By Step Guide to Reef Rehabilitation for Grassroots Organizations last Summer, field testing has shown that our manual needed additional photos to adequately illustrate the sections on handling live corals.  Therefore we hired an intern, Jason Krumholz, to accompany us on coral propagation and planting projects and to edit, once again, the manual for final release.

Jason has been working diligently on it and has attended several training trips to better document process via photographs.   It is our hope that Jason will have the manual completed this spring.  We apologies for the delay, but we want to make sure the work product we put out does not cause people to do more harm than good which is possible if the process is not followed closely.  As most of you on the Coral-List know, working with live corals is a challenge and responsibility even when starting with coral stock that is imperiled.

For any of you on the list that only need access to the chapters in the manual for reef rehabilitation in NON-coral waters, I am sure we can arrange for Jason to share with you working drafts of those chapters in the manual. If anyone on the list urgently needs to learn the coral propagation and planting methods in our manual, I would suggest the best approach is to accompany us on one of our propagation and planting trips to gain the hands on experience needed to work with corals safely.  We will do all we can to accommodate any scientists/reef professionals on a high priority basis on our projects.  

Thanks for everyone's understanding that we get this right before it is released to the public and general grassroots organizations.

Also note that if you requested this manual before from us, that we still have your name on our distribution lists for a free electronic copy.  You only need to contact us if your email address has changed or if you are not on that list to get an email notification with instructions to download your free copy.


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Hello Mr. Barber: 

Is the guide availabe yet? The last message I received from you was back in June 2006, informing me that the link to the document would be available in the near future. Any update would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you, 

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