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Juan Carlos and others....

Send it to me and I'll be pleased to put it at our website using FTP or you can easily use the Google Page Creator I sent to the list earlier.

I send this message to entire list for one reason, aside from my comments to Juan Carlos above.

The Adobe Acrobat software to make PDF files is expensive and does allow you to be creative.

There are several other options to create PDF's from, let's MS Word documents if you don't have or want to spend the money for this software.

Go to the following website and there are others: 


Download both files on the left hand side of the page that comes up.

This is not for MACS, they come with built in programming for making PDF's in a similar manner.

Open you Word document, go to print. The print window will open and will see you have a choice of printers. Scroll-down.....and you must install both of the the programs at the site above.

Choose cute PDF and hit OK. You will then have a PDF that you can save to your desktop or wherever you choose.

Unless you want to do something very creative, which you could with MS Word, there is no reason to purchase the expensive Adobe Acrobat Pro version.

Adobe is coming out with Adobe Acrobat Essentials this summer for ~100.00 by the way.

This had nothing to do with Coral Biology, but I thought some who did not know about this would like to have this ability.


Mike Nolan


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