[Coral-List] William Allison (The Great Global Warming Swindle)

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If you are going to 'draw your own conclusions' as Gene suggests, then I
would urge you look at the issue from multiple perspectives.  The link
below provides a critique of the Swindle document and its arguments.
Both are advocacy views.  A search of the web will turn up many more.
If you really want to understand the factors affecting global climate
change and warming then you may want to read the scientific literature
on the subject and make your own evaluation of the science and its
implications  -- easily said, but not so easily done given the volume of
research and breadth of scientific fields involved.


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Bill, The Great Global Warming Swindle apparently is not still on the
website you provided. This 1 hr and 15 minute video (that's a long time
to sit and watch) was the hot ticket on Google Video  at the 
beginning of last week.   It was on and off that web site for a few 
days probably due to heavy traffic. It was blocked from people I know 
that are on the Department of Interior system.   It is still at 
<www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6IPHmJWmDk> where it can be seen in 9 minute
and 29 second segments (for commercials).  I know it will inflame many
coral-listers while some will be intrigued by the science it espouses.
It features some first rate scientists. Draw your own conclusions. Gene

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