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Robert Bourke rbourke at OCEANIT.COM
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	Any modification of a shoreline, including removal or placement
of large rocks, should receive careful consideration by a qualified
coastal engineer - - preferably one with some environmental sensitivity.
You should immediately discount any definitive answers you receive as a
result of the minimal description given in your email, as you do not
provide sufficient information to provide a qualified answer.  There are
many factors that need to be considered including waves, currents, storm
surge, adjacent shoreline structure, as well as the biota on and near
the offensive rock. There is nothing inherently wrong with moving a rock
to provide access, but you will need to consider the possible secondary
consequences of this action and modify your design accordingly.


Bob Bourke  
Environmental Scientist

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Dear Listers I am trying to clear a some beach front property and would
like to remove some large rocks from the swallow water so as to get to
deeper water. However I am concerned about silt build up which may
damage the reefs further out. Any suggestions on how to minimize this?
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