[Coral-List] coral reef economics: non-use values & job opportunity

James Spurgeon James.Spurgeon at erm.com
Tue Nov 20 07:00:38 EST 2007

Dear listers

I am currently developing an 'equivalency' model (based on an integration of 'habitat', 'resource use' and 'value' based equivalency) to determine an appropriate level and package of compensation (potentially worth millions of US$) for some 'unavoidable' damages/impacts to a coral reef from a port development.  The aim is to achieve overall 'no net loss' based on key ecosystem and stakeholder values.

If anyone has any recent coral reef valuation study results focussing on, or including, 'non-use values', not readily available in the usual economics literature databases (e.g. NOAA, Reefbase, EVRI, NOEP), I'd really appreciate further information on them. Non-use values are often by far the greatest value of coral reefs, but sadly are poorly understood and usually neglected. If anyone would like further information on non-use values relating to coral reefs, I can send a recent paper discussing their importance.

The final outcome of the compensation study will be published in the future, hopefully as an example of best international practice.

I am also currently looking to recruit a graduate and senior (5yrs experience) environmental economics consultant to be based in London or Oxford.  If interested, feel free to send CVs directly to me ASAP.  ERM is the world's largest pure environmental consultancy, with 3,500 environmental consultants based in 40 countries around the world.

Best wishes

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