[Coral-List] ASLO 2008: Connectivity and climate change. Abstract submission deadline 2 Oct 07

Iliana Baums ibb3 at psu.edu
Mon Oct 1 19:36:06 EDT 2007

Dear colleague:

 We would like to invite you to participate in our special session
 on population connectivity to be held at the 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting
 in Orlando, Florida from March 2-7
 (http://www.aslo.org/meetings/orlando2008/). Abstract submission 
deadline is 2 Oct 2007.

 The central theme of our session is "Predicting the impact of climate
 change on marine population connectivity":
 Marine species often can be described as metapopulations with varying
 levels of subpopulation connectivity across time and space. Evolutionary
 studies aim at exploring long-term processes such as, speciation,
 biogeography, historical exchanges events, and population persistence
 (Hanski, 1989). Low dispersal rates are sufficient to shift the
 metapopulation distribution pattern over time by turnover of local
 populations: some go extinct and becoming re-established elsewhere
 (Levins, 1969). Ecological studies focus on the larval fluxes required to
 sustain a population (e.g. design of MPAs to protect a fished stock,
 explanation of recent or current genetic population structure). Such
 demographic connectivity usually implies that a substantial number of
 individuals are exchanged each generation. Dispersal at all scales is
 influenced by the physical and chemical environment propagules encounter
 due in part to their behavioral response to the dispersal environment. 
Increasing sea-surface temperatures, changing water chemistry and shifts
  in marine community structure are likely to influence dispersal patterns.
  This session invites papers that integrate multiple disciplines to
  understand the influence of climate change on the dispersal potential and
  its consequence on connectivity among marine populations.
  Scientific Theme of the Conference:
  Water connects and binds us all.  It moves from the top of the highest
  mountain to the depths of the deepest oceans.  As limnologists,
  oceanographers, and educators, water is the lifeblood of our 
endeavors. Now, as never before, we recognize the interconnections 
between land and
  sea, and at the 2008 bi-annual Ocean Sciences Meeting we are going to
  recognize the important nature of these connections.
  We hope that you will be able to participate. Please note that the
  abstract submission deadline is on October 2, 2007.
  All the Best,
  Claire Paris and Iliana Baums

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