[Coral-List] Is global warming good for coral reefs?

Charles Booth booth at easternct.edu
Tue Oct 2 13:29:19 EDT 2007

Gene Shinn wrote:

Here is something different that just came to my attention. Gene

J. Charles Delbeek wrote:

Very interesting final paragraph.

Very interesting, indeed. Some questions and observations that come to my
mind are:

1. Is the Executive Summary based on a peer-reviewed review of the published
2.  Who are the authors of the Executive Summary and/or review on which it
is based? 
3. The literature cited section of the Executive Summary contains only three
references, one of which came from a conference abstract ­ at the very
least, this suggests a rather selective use of the published literature.
4. A quick scan of previously issued reviews (position papers?) posted on
the Center for Science and Public Policy website (
http://www.ff.org/centers/csspp/misc/index.html) suggests that the
organization has a clear political agenda, which includes refuting
scientific arguments supporting anthropogenic global warming
5. Interesting article, but I am inclined to be very suspicious of its

Chuck Booth

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