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Kevin Kohler kevin at nova.edu
Wed Oct 10 10:15:48 EDT 2007

   The  Miami  Herald  recently  ran  an article detailing the skepticism
   surrounding  the  company  Planktos  who  is hoping to cash in selling
   carbon-offset credits to industry.
   At 05:48 10/10/2007 -0600, you wrote:

     Dear Melissa:
     Iron fertilization is quite a debated topic these days, given the
     uncertainty  of  its  effectiveness at drawing down atmospheric CO2
     and the
     fact that industry is capitalizing on its use in the carbon credits
     A website about very recent and interesting conference organized by
     Buesseler and others at Woods Hole Oceanogr. Inst. (see
     [2]http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=14617)  has  some nice resources
     and links
     about this topic.
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   1. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/miami_dade/story/263171.html
   2. http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=14617
   3. http://www.nova.edu/ncri
   4. http://www.nova.edu/ocean

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