[Coral-List] Opportunities for Shark Research at Bimini Bahamas, 2007 and 2008

Katie Gledhill misskatiekat at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 15:03:03 EDT 2007

*Opportunities for shark research at Bimini **Bahamas**, 2007 and 2008*

Volunteer positions at the Bimini Biological Field Station (Sharklab) will
be available through the year starting in November 2007 through December

If you have a biological background or interest in shark biology and wish to
join the research team either as a volunteer or project leader  (PhD
candidate or Post Doc)--for a minimum of one month--please contact Dr.
Gruber at  sgruber at rsmas.miami.edu with a copy to Kat Gledhill (Station
Manager) at bbfssharklab at gmail.com.  Please also visit our website at
www.miami.edu/sharklab for details about the station, our research and

For the coming season we are collaborating with marine biologists from
universities in the US, UK and Canada and will be conducting field research
on the population dynamics and behavior of young lemon sharks (*Negaprion
brevirostris*) using long line collections, visual census,
telemetry-tracking and monitoring as well as observation and experiments on
captive animals.  A second, continuing project concerning quantitative
genetics and reproductive biology will involve intensive tagging and
collection of DNA from the 2008 cohort of lemon sharks born at Bimini lagoon
and elsewhere.

In addition to the Bimini site, lemon shark projects are underway at the
Marquesas Keys, and Jupiter Florida.  We are also hoping to continue our
research on ecosystem dynamics of lemon shark nurseries including GIS and
Ecopath analysis; and broaden our genetic studies.  PhD candidates who have
completed their course work are encouraged to contact us.  Small stipends to
cover some travel and living expenses in the Bahamas as well as equipment
and supplies are available to successful candidates.

Cordially Yours,

Samuel H. Gruber

Director BBFS and Professor Emeritus

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Katie (Kat) Gledhill
Lab Manager
Bimini Biological Field Station
Bimini, Bahamas


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