[Coral-List] Solomon Islands Reef Status

Charles Delbeek delbeek at waquarium.org
Sun Oct 28 20:42:56 EDT 2007

In light of recent reports of coral bleaching and coral diseases in 
various locales I thought a little good news might be welcomed.

I recently returned from 12 days of diving in the Solomon Islands 
(Russell Islands, Mari Island, eastern Morovo Lagoon and the Arnavon 
Islands) and can report that the corals on these reefs (primarily 
Acropora, Isopora and Porites dominated) appeared very healthy and 
vibrant. Some on the trip have been diving these reefs for over 15 years 
and have seen several bleached and storm damaged over that period. Those 
reefs that were revisited on this trip showed significant recovery over 
the last 10 years to the point where it was hard to see any hint of the 
damage they suffered. In one case, a large head of Isopora that appeared 
completely dead ~10 years ago has successfully regrown its old skeleton 
with new growth and added new branches.

It appears that, at least in this case, some types of coral reefs can 
recover, given the proper conditions, from seemingly drastic insults.


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