[Coral-List] crown of thorns (COTs)

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Simple and General

Search at night
Bag and remove
Boil or transport in bags, burn/bury on land
Never leave in the sea

They are wonderful predator/parasite

If you see one in day - see ten at night


--- Michele & Karl <michka at fellenius.net> wrote:
> Coral listers,
> I know of different methods that are used to deal
> with COTs. There is
> currently an effort amongst dive operators in Port
> Vila, Vanuatu to get rid
> of them off a few popular dive sites as there is
> much more lately than what
> is 'usually' seen. The method of choice has been to
> spike and remove them
> from the reef. However, other methods are being
> considered in order to speed
> up the process.
> My question is in regards to the method of
> 'squashing' the body (say with
> the bottom of a wine bottle) without breaking any
> tentacles and leaving
> them in place to be eaten on the reef. Until
> recently I understood this to
> be a viable in situ disposal method. However, I now
> understand that the
> 'squashing' on the animal resulting in its inards
> being ejected might
> actually lead to new animals growing from the
> ejected inards. Is there
> any truth to this? If so, is there any other in situ
> method other than
> injecting them that can be used?
> Thanks for any info.
> Karl
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