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Fri Sep 21 17:13:38 EDT 2007

Hello Coral Listers!
I have posted a few times in past asking for information about the Philippines.? I am working on my master's at UNCW and just finished a summer of research.? I have unanswered questions and/or am looking for papers relating to such:
I am studying two reef locations around an island that is only 7km x 1km, with similaries in both locations of pH, depth, and turbidity.

Yet, the coral types are vastly different: small, hard reef at one location and plentiful soft reef at the other.

What could explain this difference?

There was a bleaching event that wiped the?reef out in the early 2000s, so the reefs are in a regrowth/recovery phase and very different corals are coming up at these two locations.? 

How much impact does a current have if the pH and turbidity are the same at both locations?? 

What else might explain the difference in soft vs hard?? 

Can you suggest any papers that might talk on this subject, please?? 

I understand I may not be recognizing a very fundamental part of coral reef growth here, but a point in the right direction would greatly be appreciated.

Amanda Williams
UNCW Master's of Marine Science Graduate Student

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