[Coral-List] Free share: Porites stress sequence/gene expression data

mikhail matz matz at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Feb 11 23:53:59 EST 2008

Dear colleagues,

As a part of our new policy on data handling we posted the raw gene  
expression and sequence data from our experiments on Porites stress:


We believe that the raw genomics data should be shared with the  
community as soon as they are available.  Such data themselves are  
useless without the proper analysis, and the more groups participate  
in it the more angles will be covered .

In Porites lobata, we analyzed bleaching induced by elevated heat- 
light over 12 days and inflammation/regeneration response (also long- 
term, 10-14 days) after mechanical injury. We also treated  Porites  
compressa with 40 uM CuSO4 overnight. The treatment and control  
samples were subjected to two-way Suppression Subtractive  
Hybridization (SSH) to enrich by up- or down-regulated transcripts,  
and the resulting cDNA clones (3840 total from the three two-fold SSH  
experiments) were spotted on a membrane array and hybridized with  
cDNA from three biological replicates of the same experiments. Some  
300 clones have been sequenced (more coming). The posted data include  
raw array hybridization results (spot intensity counts), sequences  
and BLASTX results.

While we are working on our own analysis of these data, we would like  
to invite everybody interested to take a look from their own  
perspective. If you find our data useful for your research, we would  
appreciate a line of acknowledgment sounding something like "thanks  
to the lab of Mikhail Matz at the University of Texas at Austin for  
sharing the sequence [and/or gene expression] data", plus our funding  

We will uphold the immediate data sharing policy in the future and  
invite everybody involved in coral genomics to join us. The progress  
of coral genomics will be much faster this way.

Eli Meyer ( elimeyer at mail.utexas.edu )
Misha Matz ( matz at mail.utexas.edu )

Integrative Biology
University of Texas at Austin

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