[Coral-List] Selling coral. Funny you should mention it.

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Hello all.

Australia prohibits any and all sale/collection of corals. What the guy
says is total bullcrap (I have learned my lesson.) Now. What to do.

I was contacted yesterday by representatives of the Gov't. of Canada.
An individual in Toronto licensed to import certain species of corals,
and to raise his own for sale, was suspected of bringing in prohibited

All of his corals have been confiscated, and moved to the Toronto Zoo
(which has salt-water facilities). As soon as the corals are
identified, this guy will land up in court. He will likely pay a fine
in the range of several $1,000, which will certainly encourager les

In short, it is the responsibility of the animal-protection authorities
in his country of operation to enforce the regulations. It's not up to
us-although someone could certainly blow the whistle on him.


On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 17:34:11 -0500
 "Adrienne Carter" <Acarter at coastalplanning.net> wrote:
>    This  website is even more some surprising! Below is directly from
> the
>    website, typos and all:
>    "CORAL  -  This  product  for the first time, has been given a
> license
>    from  the  Australian  Government to be exported for sale under
> strict
>    license,  due  to  the  fact  that certain areas of the reef have
> been
>    allowed  to  bring  to  the surface and sell as ornaments. This
> unique
>    natural  Coral  has been harvested under precise, government
> approved,
>    world class management arrangements. As a healthy resilient
> ecosystem,
>    the  Great  Barrier  Reef accumulates and extra five million
> tonnes of
>    new Coral growth every year. Of this growth, a small quota of
> abundant
>    fast  growing  Coral  of  premium  quality  and  limited  size is
> hand
>    harvested  from  specific  reef  zones.  Just  as  reefs recover
> after
>    natural  events  such  as  cyclones,  they also quckly replenish
> after
>    harvesting.   Corals   either  regenerate  from  the  base  or
>  larval
>    settlement  and  growth  of  a  new colony occurs. Coral
> harvesting is
>    based  on  the highest marine science standards. A portion of
> sales is
>    donated  to  independant scientific research to ensure that
> harvesting
>    remains  responsive  to  climate change and causes no detriment to
> the
>    Great Barrier Reef."
>    From: Ed Blume [mailto:edblume at mailbag.com]
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>    Subject: RE: [Coral-List] Selling coral
>    That's one of things I'm asking.  What are the legal issues?  What
> are
>    the  environmental  issues?   I'm not a coral expert, so maybe
> it's no
>    big deal that these species are being sold.
>    Ed Blume
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>    It  says  on  the  website  -"  The  Only  Licensed  UK  and
>  European
>    distributer of Coral from the Great Australian Barrier Reef"
>    Is that even legal?
>    Adrienne Carter
>    Marine Scientist
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>    Subject: [Coral-List] Selling coral
>    This    site    that    is    selling    coral    looks
>    disturbing:
>    [1]http://www.steventhornedesign.com/store/catalog/coral
>    What  types  of coral are pictured?  And how bad is it that it's
> being
>    sold?
>    Ed Blume
>    Volunteer, Centro Ecológico Akumal (www.ceakumal.org)
>    Madison, WI
> References
>    1. http://www.steventhornedesign.com/store/catalog/coral
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