[Coral-List] Lionfish in the Atlantic

Tupper, Mark (WorldFish) M.Tupper at CGIAR.ORG
Tue Feb 19 23:55:15 EST 2008

I agree with Charles that lionfish would most likely target juvenile
grunts, snappers and cardinalfishes, and also chromis, which they
certainly hunt in the Pacific. They also don't have the type of feeding
apparatus for picking cryptic blennies and gobies out of reef crevices.

A quick question for anyone based in Hawaii: as Charles said, Lutjanus
kasmira was introduced to Hawaii in the 1950s. Recently I noticed
schools of them in pictures taken from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands
and French Frigate Shoals. Does anyone know if they were deliberately
released there also, or have they just island-hopped their way northwest
over the past 50 years?


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