[Coral-List] Aquacultured corals?

Lee Goldman coralfarmguam at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 12:57:25 EST 2008

Hi Charles,
  With the upmost of respect, you talk about providing proof of it's unsustainability in the same paragraph as tallking about how much reef area exists and thus "I find it hard to picture this practice having substantial long term negative impacts". You have as little of scientific evidence to support your assertion as what you condemn Karl for on his. There are, however, several studies that suggest that cutting fragments from coral colonies can be detrimental to the colony as a whole. Decreased fecundity (and depending on how close to spawning they are, personal observation on the stress assoiciated from fragmentation can cause them to abort spawning altogether), increased susceptability to disease, and a reduction in the ability to compete (with regards to its reduced size) have been shown to result from fragmented colonies. The bottom line is that currently, any impact is a probably a significant one. I believe most scientists would agree that impacts on the reef are
 cumulative, thus, even the small ones contribute to the overall decline. If the aquarium trade is to mature into a force inline with coral reef conservation and solve it's own problems associated with harvesting corals and fish from an exponentially vanishing reef, it first has to admit there is a problem. Your argument over the semantics of 'chop-shop' and your analogy is noted. To further your analolgy...you don't have headlights and no rear view mirrors (parts for your car, like corals growing new branches, take time to arrive), your driving at night, in the wind and rain, with many people around and you, and many cars also without headlights and rear view mirrors. A perfect day when the weather is calm is like a coral reef with no other impacts, a mirror here and a headlight there, no big deal. For the reefs, its no longer a perfect day, it's the worst night you can imagine to drive in...need headlights now?
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