[Coral-List] banning wild collection when mariculture sources exist

Les Kaufman lesk at bu.edu
Thu Feb 28 23:18:12 EST 2008

Dear Todd,

Re: your comment (below), things are not so simple.

Sustainable collection of some aquarium species still represents a  
great potential for marine conservation by
fueling one part of the incentive structure.

Just because this potential is so often perverted doesn't mean it  
couldn't happen.

We need experience in striking a balance in natural-products  
businesses that is most beneficial to long-term sustainability of
coral reef systems in proximity to people.


This answer is quite simple and our Foundation has been advocating it  
years.  All countries should ban any aquarium species that can be
demonstrated to be aquacultured by 3 or more private interests.

This way, there would be no competition for raised (fish or corals) from
wild sources so the market would develop a fair price.  A great  
example is
the "Nemo" fish (clown fishes)....all can be fully reared in  
captivity but
wild sources still account for the bulk of the market...why? It is  
to pay 10 cents for collection and a buck to ship it even if 10% die in
shipping than to raise a fish that costs $5 bucks in food and  

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