[Coral-List] Philippines Coral Reef fish assemblage

Delbeek, Charles cdelbeek at calacademy.org
Fri Jul 4 18:29:22 EDT 2008

At the Steinhart Aquarium we are currently stocking the 200,000 gallon live
coral exhibit and a discussion has arisen as to what is or even if there is,
a typical proportional heirarchy of fish types/assemblages on a Philippine
coral reef? In other words, is there a rough estimate of the relative
proportions of the various fish families to each other? Is it a pyramid type
relationship with say acanthurids at the base? I realize this will depend on
if we are looking at biomass vs. numbers, as well as forereef bluewater reef
vs. a inner lagoonal reef but I am hoping there are some general parameters.

Any guidance to references that might deal with this would be most helpful.
We would do this ourselves but we don't have the time or access to do
literature searches at the moment.


J. Charles Delbeek M.Sc.
Senior Aquatic Biologist
Steinhart Aquarium
California Academy of Sciences
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