[Coral-List] Education of the masses: WHERE ?

Sarah Frias-Torres sfrias_torres at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 25 15:45:34 EDT 2008

Dear Coral Listers,
As in real state, the key to deliver the message for "education of the masses" is TIMING and LOCATION.
Here is an example for the USA.
If we want to highlight the importance of the current status of coral reefs and the urgent need for conservation, 
we should have a commercial aired during the Superbowl.
There, in between the Budweiser, the models in skimpy swimsuits and the fast cars, there will be a message that will reach people's hearts 
and whatever live brain cells they still have.
Three important questions arise: 
1) How do we come up with the $2 Million cost for a 30 second message?
2) What kind of celebrity or people with connections can we team up with, so we'll get the air time for free ?
2) Shall we use a male and female supermodel driving in a fast car, then scuba diving in tiny swimsuits into a coral reef, then drinking a Budweiser to guarantee our message will capture everyone's attention?
I'm not being frivolous at my proposal, but realistic. We have a wealth of educational materials, we are just not delivering them fast enough or with enough impact. 
I have a list of other suggestions (some more risky than others) for the USA, Caribbean and Europe, if anybody is interested.
Sarah Frias-Torres, Ph.D. 

Marine Conservation Biologist
[Writing as an independent scientist]

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