[Coral-List] Lidar submarine topography information products

John C Brock jbrock at usgs.gov
Wed Mar 12 10:07:53 EDT 2008

The USGS and partners have recently published several lidar submarine 
topography information products that cover portions of the Florida Keys 
reef tract.  These map products
are available on-line at the links provided below:
Brock, J.C., Wright, C.W., Nayegandhi, A., Woolard, J., Patterson, M., 
Wilson, I., Travers, L., USGS-NPS-NASA EAARL Submarine Topography - 
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, USGS Open File Report 2007-1395 
(DVD), URL: http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2007/1395  (covers a portion of the 
northern FKNMS)

Brock, JC, Wright, CW, Nayegandhi, A, Patterson, M, Wilson, I, and 
Travers, L., USGS-NPS-NASA Submarine Topography - Northern Florida Reef 
Tract (2001-2002), USGS Open File Report 2007-1432 (DVD), URL: 

Brock, J.C., Wright, C.W., Patterson, M., Nayegandhi, A., Patterson, J., 
USGS-NPS-NASA EAARL Submarine Topography - Dry Tortugas National Park, 
USGS Open File Report 2006-1244 (DVD), URL: 

Brock, J.C., Wright, C.W., Patterson, M., Nayegandhi, A., Patterson, J., 
Harris, M.S., Mosher, L., USGS-NPS-NASA EAARL Submarine topography - 
Biscayne National Park, USGS Open File Report 2006-1118 (DVD), URL: 

To expedite download times and to prevent any possible errors, right click 
on the desired PDF map tile and save the file to disk.  If you require all 
of the map tiles or would like a copy of the Open-File Report in DVD 
format, please contact:  Emily Klipp in the USGS, FISC St. Petersburg 
office:  eklipp at usgs.gov.

I'd be grateful for comments on these products, as we aim to create more 
for additional sections of the Florida Keys reef tract, and I'm open to 
your suggestions on how these products might
be enhanced to serve the reef science and managment communities.



John C. Brock
Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies
600 4th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL  33701
email: jbrock at usgs.gov

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