[Coral-List] Tropical Marine Ecology and Scientific Diving Summer Courses in Bonaire

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Sun Mar 16 13:55:40 EDT 2008

Dear  Coral-listers: 
If you know of undergraduate students that would  be interested in a summer  
course in Scientific Diving or Tropical Marine Biology and  Ecology; please 
pass this notice along to them.   
Thanks in advance.  Cheers, Rita Peachey 
Summer 2008 Bonaire,  Southern Caribbean   
Undergraduate Study Abroad  Program 
CIEE is accepting applications for:   
Tropical Marine  Biology and Ecology of the Southern  Caribbean (3 semester 
Introduction to ecological and  biological principles important to coral reef 
communities such as competition,  diversity, symbiosis, disturbance, 
adaptation, reproduction, as well as  identification of the major fish, invertebrate 
and plant species in  Bonaire.  Examines connectedness of  reef, seagrass and 
mangrove ecosystems and threats to tropical ecosystems. The course runs from 
May 29 through June  14th and includes daily field trips to dive, snorkel or 
kayak at  sites along the coast of Bonaire.   
Scientific Diving (4  semester hr) 
The course introduces students to  research diving knowledge and techniques 
to better understand coral reef  ecology.  Students use scuba as a  research 
tool to record scientific data underwater; they master mapping and  navigational 
skills; study diving physiology and physics; and develop dive  safety 
awareness and skills essential to safe scientific diving.  Students will gain 
competencies in  internationally accepted coral reef monitoring protocols such as 
AGRRA, REEF,  and Reefcheck. Certifications include: Open  water, Advanced Diver, 
Rescue Diver, Emergency First Responder CPR + First Aid,  Dan Oxygen Rescue, 
Underwater photography and videography, Night diving,  Underwater navigation. 
The course runs from June 15th to July  2nd and includes boat and shore diving 
as well as snorkeling to study  coral reef ecology. 
Course descriptions can be found using the following  link:  
Prerequisites: Overall GPA 2.75 or better, a semester of  biology or 
environmental science and a nationally recognized open water SCUBA  certification (or 
a PADI referral – you can do your check out dives in  Bonaire).  The deadline 
for application to the summer course is 1 April  2008.    
Interested students should  contact Rita Peachey Director of CIEE Research 
Station Bonaire at _RPeachey at ciee.org_ (mailto:RPeachey at ciee.org)  or call 
1-800-40-STUDY.  Register online at _http://ciee.org/study/apply.aspx_ 
(http://ciee.org/study/apply.aspx) .  Contact the study abroad office at your  institution 
to assist you with registration and course approval.  

Rita BJ Peachey,  PhD
Resident Director
CIEE Research Station Bonaire
Kaya Gob DeBrot  21
Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
rpeachey at ciee.org 
_www.cieebonaire.org_ (http://www.cieebonaire.org/) 

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